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March 31, 2011
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The Cartographer by DylanPierpont The Cartographer by DylanPierpont
Been a while since my last update. School projects, personal work and small commissions here and there have taken up the majority of my life. Everything is moving so fast I'm learning new material at 17 times the rate I was last year. But it's fantastic, because I'm fortunate enough to be working alongside some of the most talented friends I know, and the results just keep getting better and better (you all know who you are)

At any rate! This is a piece that needs a little backstory:

Nearly 2 semesters ago I took an Earth Science course that focused primarily on the geology of our planet. For one of our projects we took a trip over to Golden, CO to visit the Colorado School of Mines. Our job was to search the map room in one of the libraries and find a plot of land somewhere on the planet that we'd be interested in studying for the following 3 weeks.

I went into the map room without a clue as to what region might interest me. So i just started pulling out drawers and drawers of maps from various locations around the globe, found an empty table, and surrounded myself with topology grids, climate patterns, and geology charts. It was pretty overwhelming to say the least and as I started to lose interest in the glacial formations of the West Siberian Plains, my mind started to wander...

What if these weren't maps to PHYSICAL plots, what if these maps represented something more intangible? What if THESE maps were the frantic workings of an old man who's spent day after day in seclusion, surrounded by his life's work, trying to chart the physical paths to heaven and hell? What if..

All in all, I think there's a few areas I'd like to go back and re-work. Not in a compositional sense, but more the application of color and how some of the strokes lay on the canvas. Definitely learned a lot about time management with this one and began experimenting with a different color pallet than I'm used to.

Thanks for checking!!

Tutorial posted here: [link]

A DD??!!!??!! That's insane!! Thanks for everyones kind words. You all help to keep me motivated ;) And special thanks to :iconarchang3lzz: for the suggestion and :iconvoyager212: for the feature. You guys rock!!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-04-06
The Cartographer by *IISketchII Suggester says: "Amazing atmosphere and details. If you need directions, this is the cartographer to ask." ( Suggested by aRchAng3lZz and Featured by MacRebisz )
The design and appearance of the featured character in this piece interests me the most. The goggles and the overall look of his surroundings makes me think that he's a mad scientist or some sort of inventor who'd rather be cooped up in his surroundings on a quest for knowledge than helping to make a benefit for mankind with his findings.

The coloring looks gorgeous- a lot of great tones and hews to show a dimly lit room full of books and other strange knickknacks. I especially like the otherworldly green glow coming from that book stand the character is using.

Great job on this! Looking at this makes me think that this was some sort of concept artwork for a big budget sci-fi/fantasy movie.
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:waves: Hi there!
This really caught my eye in thumbnail form, and I didn't regret the decision of looking at fullsize.
Let's begin, shall we?

1) The lighting is great, but what I'm getting here is that the focal point is the guy. :| So in application, I think that the other lights kinda diverts the attention from that focal point, but at the same time I appreciate that the most of the surrounding lights are more mellow and had 'colder' colors, thus helping the focal point due to that flame being a 'warm' color.

2) I know that this is steampunk-related, but is that alchemy? The circles on the books that he's pointing on?
Anyhoo, I like the fact that the symbols glows due to the magical nature of the subject. A little more 'glow' can help emphasize its magic, and also help the guy prove his point further.

3) This is just me, but I feel that I can crop the left part out and still get an awesome feeling from the picture. :)

4) I like all the details at the back and at the foreground. Except for the candles at the far left, they help the scene without being too prominent.

This is full of marvelous details, but I can't say anymore because, well, I can't zoom in. I have trouble squinting my eyes at my monitor just to see the folds of the clothing, the wrinkles on his fingers, etc. :iconcryforeverplz:

Keep up the good work! :iconthumbsupplz:
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Congratz, he looks shrouded in mystery! Also, thanks for the tutorial, I will follow your example
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